Monday, June 1, 2009

a new look

what do you think of the face lift? I added some stuff over on the right and will be adding more as I get time, but I need your help! If you have a blog, tell me the address! I'd like to add you to our list on the right. I also added the "followers" box. I don't know quite how that works yet, but if you have blogger and want to try that out... please do!
So, do me a favor. Click that little "comment" link below the post and tell me if everything is working correctly for you or if you can't see something. You can also just tell me how awesome I am. That will work too.


  1. I love it! The banner at the top with that sweet picture of Egan - priceless!

  2. You guys are having way too much fun. Remember he's a baby, not a toy. I'm working on figuring out when I'll be in Dallas. Right now, I think Monday, June 29. Can we maybe have lunch or an afternoon yogurt?

  3. Everything is coming through clearly. I love the new banner at the top.

  4. LOVE this!!! Sooo cute... he is one photogenice kid.

    Even with the red goatie! HA!!!