Sunday, May 31, 2009

Blake's awesome parenting techniques and a new sleeping preference

Egan is almost 8 weeks old and I think we've all learned quite a bit. Egan likes to make it a habit to scream at about 8:30 each night and Blake has come up with a few techniques to soothe him, and I think they are worth sharing here. Blake puts Egan in his car seat and swings him. Usually within a few seconds Egan is happy. I don't get it! When all else fails, this works!
Most parents sing nursery rhymes to their children. Not in our house... Blake sings Vanilla Ice, and it totally intrigues Egan. Who knew? And, also who would have ever figured out that Egan like to be held up above your head?

Blake figured out that one too. Egan is actually looking at the Black and White pictures on the wall. He's loved looking at them since he was just a few weeks old. This really calms him down.

Now, what hasn't worked yet is Blake using logic to parent Egan. It doesn't calm him down at all when Blake asks him to "use his words". Try that again in a few years, honey.
Here's another new development:

Well, maybe it isn't so much a new development for him as it is something we realized. Egan likes to sleep on his tummy. Maybe that is why he hasn't been sleeping well yet. With the scare of SIDS these days, we got one of these on Craig's list. Now, both Egan and I can sleep well. Awesome.


  1. For you it's Vanilla Ice. For us it was Metallica. Peter was only a few weeks old and he couldn't sleep so we took him for a car ride with his little lullabies CD playing... He continued to yell... so I just thought you know maybe... Took it out put in Metallica's Black Album... Two chords into Enter Sandman and Peter was quiet and asleep by the end of the song.

    As for the black and white pictures... Newborn babies until they're probably two or three months, maybe even older like black and white things because they can really focus on them.

    To address Egan sleeping on his stomach... Peter was the same way. Would not sleep on his back for anything. He didn't start doing it until he could roll over and move around etc in bed. His doctor always complimented me on the fact that his head looked really good and that I must do alot of tummy time instead of putting him in a swing or something like that. I never told her that I put him to sleep on his stomach. I read an article once that said that alot of SIDS cases was due to the child sleeping in the parents' bed with them. I feel that as long as you use common sense with it, he'll be fine. =)

  2. Guess it runs in the family, Michaela was the same way about sleeping on her tummy. Would not sleep more than 1-2 hours at a time (and that was difficult) until we started putting putting her on her tummy to sleep!