Saturday, April 11, 2009

At home...

Just thought I'd post a quick update and let everyone know that we are home and all is well. We got to come home Thursday afternoon and it seems like we haven't had a free second since. I'm super excited to be back in the comfort of our own home without nurses and doctors everywhere. Egan is the sweetest baby I know and the cutest if I do say so myself. He is keeping the 2 of us super busy, but we are loving every second of being with our snuggly little boy.
I promise we have taken pictures, but I haven't had any time to sit down at the computer. Any free time, I'd rather spend sleeping than downloading pictures. Haha.
Bo is adjusting fine to his new little brother. Most of the time he just ignores him. He really doesn't like to hear him cry though. I think that causes some stress. I guess that is one thing he'll have to get used to.

Ps- if you've called or emailed us and we haven't gotten back to you, please understand we'd like to get back to you, but if you haven't heard, there is a new kid in town, and we think he's pretty cool.


  1. I agree...Egan is the cutest and sweetest baby! I hope Bo gets used to him. His foster home in closed for a while!!! Surprisingly, Max misses Bo and his strong personality!

  2. Okay, I have to agree with both of you. Egan is an absolute angel! Of course, I'm not biased! =) Gramma Pam