Friday, March 13, 2009


Look what progress has been made in the nursery! Blake and mom have pulled a lot of the details together while I've been laying on the couch. Thank you guys so much! We (and by we, I don't mean I) still have to get the dresser finished and a few more things together before we're officially done. Here are some pictures to show the progress though!

This is the bed that is also in the room with some new pillows to help it match a little better. That is also our $10 junk store headboard. Score!
We went to the doctor on Thursday to get checked out and also get the little guy checked out as well. He looks great and weighs about 5 pounds 5 ounces and is measuring about 10 days ahead of schedule. The sonagram tech also said he has lots of hair. My blood pressure is still high... shock, but I'm hanging in there. Hopefully for several more weeks.

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  1. THE room is ADORABLE!! I am glad you posted pictures :) Did you make the bedding??