Thursday, March 26, 2009

My husband, the budding photographer, and the place I call home.

Recently we ordered a new camera, and I've been working with Blake on the details of photographing with a digital SLR camera. He is doing a great job! Here is a photo he took the other night as he was leaving the hospital for the evening. Great job! He even had the added challenge of photographing in the dark.
On another note, Blake has done a great job finishing up getting ready for the baby to get here, taking care of me, and working. Earlier this week, he made a trip to Old Navy and got some of the cutest baby clothes I've seen... and controlled himself enough to only get one hoodie. We all know Blake loves hoodies (as do I!) Also, last night, he scouted me out a new room a little further from the nurse's station and has a better view. After an ok from the nurse, he gathered up all my junk and wheeled me down here. I also got permission from the doctor to get out of my room for a little bit. Wow, was it nice to get outside last night. I can't get off the hospital property, but I'm ok with that. The fresh air was great.
Still no new news from the doctor. We may have a sonagram this evening to check things out, but I'm not sure. He said things still look good though! My blood pressure has been staying pretty low unless I'm up for a few minutes or am stressed about something, which is to be expected. Hopefully things won't change for a while and this little guy can continue to grow!


  1. Thanks for keeping us updated! Praying for you guys and looking forward to seeing more baby shower pics with Blake as the center of attention :) Jay wouldn't have gone for that!!

  2. Sounds like you are being taken care of very well- what a great guy! :)

    And that shower looks awesome! I'm sure you were sad to miss it, but looks like Blake handled himself quite well. Praying for you guys!!!

  3. It won't be long before you get to see it from this view! Pam