Saturday, March 7, 2009

Here's the word...

I thought I should share a little about what is going on. At the doctor on Friday, we had an appointment with one of the other doctor's in the practice. They like to do that so we can be familiar with all of them and it turns out my blood pressure was high.... pretty high. Since we weren't seeing our own doctor, they shuffled us down to see him. He was concerned as well and ordered some tests with my favorite blood taking lady. And when I say favorite, I mean, least favorite. She made me cry on my first visit, but that was months ago and I'm way past that. She has, however, given up on trying to get blood out of my arm, and goes straight for the back of my hand. She must be learning after all. haha.
Back to the present though: I'm only 33 weeks along and while the doctor is confident the baby would be ok if he had to be born this early, we'd all prefer that he stay put for as long as possible. That means that I get to spend all day on my left side (as that keeps the blood pressure down). That also means that poor Blake is stuck with the housework until something changes. We've also got a home blood pressure machine so that I can keep an eye on myself. We'll be heading back to the doctor this week for a sonagram and some more tests to get a better idea of what is going on. I'll try to keep updates here as often as I find out new info, but I guess for now, we're in a holding pattern. The waiting game begins!


  1. wow whitney. please keep us updated!!! i hope you are able to have some nice relaxing time before baby comes while laying on your side.

  2. Oh man. We'll be thinking about you! and poor Blake.
    PS. One time Jay took my blood at the ER without wearing gloves... Germ City. He is not allowed to do this again.