Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blake loves this.

Since being in the hospital, I've learned a few things about the food. They don't like to include condiments with anything. If I want some ranch dressing with my salad, I have to ask specifically for it. If I want more than 1 tiny package... specify that too. My favorite is when they bring a food that any normal american would eat with ketchup, but don't include that. One of my first few days here, I asked a nurse for some ketchup, and she said that it is hard to come by, so the next time Blake went down to get some food for himself, I asked that he bring me some. You better believe it is rationed out. I've also got packages of salt, pepper, sugar, honey, splenda, Buffalo sauce from chick-fil-a, and I already mentioned ketchup and Ranch. Blake thinks it is funny that his wife has become a condiment hoarder since coming here, but I say the joke is on him. Last night he drank coffee with the pink stuff in it. When he said it wasn't good, I kindly reminded him of my stash which includes splenda and sugar. Maybe now he'll give up on that joke. haha.

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  1. Still haven't. Your junk pile has grown substantially since this picture,