Sunday, February 22, 2009

"New York deli"?

A little while back, my mom was here helping me make stuff for the baby room (pictures to come), and had a coupon for a place near us called Cindi's New York Deli. this deli just so happens to be in the same shopping area as a casket store as well as a "boxes to go" store. Take a minute to think that one through.... Ok, not the point of this story, but a funny thought to ponder anyway.
Blake and I walked into the place wondering how "New York" it could be because it is in the middle of Dallas, and I don't think there could be two things any more different than NYC and Dallas. That said, here was our comparison.
  1. This place had room between the tables! If it were in NYC, there would have been 1/3 the space and at least as many tables as in this place.
  2. It had carpet. I don't think I ever went into a place in NYC that had carpet. (I think carpet in general is gross, but in a food establishment... NASTY!)
  3. When we sat down, we were handed a large menu with everything from omelets to steaks. All three of us decided on breakfast food. I would say that is similar to a NYC deli, or at least diner. You can get anything there!
  4. Our waiter came over and politely asked us what we wanted to drink. In NYC, you are not politely asked anything.
  5. When the waiter came back with our drinks and we still weren't done reading the book sort of menu, he was happy to come back in a few minutes when we had made up our mind.
  6. When we had the decision of kind of egg, potato, bread and I don't remember what else, he simply listed all the choices. In NY, you might be lucky enough to hear the choices once, but you had better just be able to read his mind and answer without him having waste his time with such trivial things.
  7. The true test of is this place more NYC or Dallas: refills. Are they free or do you have to pay per cup? Answer: Free. The sodas came in LARGE cups and the refills came glass after glass.
There is really no point to this story other than the fun experience we had. Plus, I thought you NYC people might be able to relate.
In other news, things here are still busy. We have a lot to do to get ready for this baby who is due to be here in less than 9 weeks! 9 WEEKS! I can't believe it. I better get busy.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


It's been a while and where have we been? Answer: seems like everywhere and nowhere. I still haven't figured out how that is possible, but I promise it is. Who knew getting ready for a baby would take so much planning? This week makes 29 weeks for me and this little guy in me. We've narrowed it down to two names and Blake has decided that he'll just pick a name of the day and call the baby that. He says that eventually one will stick. As I type this, the baby is turning flips in my tummy. This week he's even found my ribs, and LOVES kicking them.
I've still got A LOT of work to do on the baby room, but I think that things or at least plans are coming together. Also this week, Christian went with me to pick out some baby stuff and give me "a mom's opinion". That was a huge help and relief.
On a different topic... Blake got a cut in his pinky finger the other day and has been whining about it since then. His opinion is that it is a useless finger anyway, but I tend to disagree. Anyone have an opinion?