Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! We have had lots of fun with our sweet boy this first Christmas. He is so much fun, and we are so blessed. More pictures and all about what we did for Christmas will be coming, but for now, enjoy this sweet picture of Egan taken Christmas morning before we opened gifts.
IMG_0993  (1).jpg

More soon!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

adding to the family

Big news!

We're adding to the family!

I'll let that soak in for a bit...







I'm excited to introduce you to our newest member, and no, it isn't a baby... or a dog.
Meet Belvedere. Belvedere has a very specific job here at our house.

She arrived on Friday.

(Yes, that is a paparazzo shot through the blinds. I didn't want the delivery guys to think I am totally crazy.)
Belvedere has taken to our family quickly and is so charming as she whistles while she works.
Here she is in her new home.

Belvedere is our new washing machine and boy is she cool. She uses less water, spins our clothes much dryer, has steam, and holds A LOT of clothes (more than we can dry, actually). I love that I can set a prewash, wash, steam, and even an extra rinse while washing Egan's diapers. I no longer have to remember to start the washer on another cycle (an occurrence that sometimes made for an all day washing affair when I wasn't good at remembering.)
Want to know the most charming part? This is what she sings when she is finished washing. The two clicks you hear is the door unlocking.

I think I'm in love.
I'm even more in love with the fact that we paid 1/2 price for it the day after Thanksgiving. score.
Welcome to the family, Belvedere!

Friday, December 18, 2009

party and inflatable car

Last weekend Watermark hosted their annual staff Christmas party, and as usual, it was a blast! Last year it was just for the staff and spouses, but this year kids were included. Egan was still a bit young for most of the activities, but I think he had a lot of fun people watching. That, and he made out with some good "loot" in the end.
There were classic video games...

... on the huge flat panel tvs.

Blake even had the highest score on one of the games out of everyone there, but not the one pictured above.
There was a photo with wacky accessories. I don't think Egan was amused. oh well.

Blake played 4 way tug 'o war.

Egan "won" an inflatable car/ball pit. I say "won" because everyone else won prizes in bingo, but anyone under 2 just basically picked a prize.

Egan is all about the inflatable car.

Sometimes he crawls in through the back (where you are supposed to enter), and sometimes he enters like a race car driver through the window.... just cause he's cool like that.

Mainly, he just likes to stand up, and squat, and stand up, and squat. Over and over again.

The Watermark party was super fun for the whole family! We already can't wait till next year!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

pj christmas party for the wee ones

Today was the Christmas party with Egan's playgroup, and boy was it fun! All those cute little kids all together all dressed in their Christmas PJs. I love it! The kids are all in various stages of learning to move. That's a scary thing. When we started this playgroup, the babies were all small and pretty much just hung out. Those times are quickly changing and the babies are starting to interact much much more. I think the playgroup will always be for the moms (We need adult time too!), but it is becoming more for the babies and their social interaction as well.
We had lots of yummy food (what Christmas party doesn't?), a gift exchange, and even attempted a photo of all our little cuties together.
From left to right: Marshall, Piper (just a little piece of her... sorry, Piper!), Egan, Jack, Jake, Preston, Mia (laying in front... isn't that like her to be the center of attention? Love you, Mia!), Peyton (little miss cheesing it up in ALL the pictures), Caleb, Camryn, and Zane. Wow, that's a lot of babies! Were we successful?
playgroup christmas (1).jpg

I'd say... maybe. Melt downs started, and we can't really see poor Piper. I'd like to say that it will get easier as they can all sit up better, but I know that it won't, so for now, I'll call it a success. I think we will look back and laugh in a year from now.
The party was a blast and all these sweeties are a real highlight to our week!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

a man on the move, and a few other pictures I hadn't gotten around to posting yet.

With Thanksgiving and all the traveling we've been doing, a few photos of Egan have slipped through the cracks. So, here are a few of them. By the way, at his shot visit at the doctor this morning, Egan weighed in at 19lbs 10oz. He's getting so big!
I took these next few the other day when I was getting ready for a little girl to come over to get her picture taken. Egan got to be my little model as I was testing my light. Check out those pjs. I saw those the other night when I was getting some christmas pjs for him. I couldn't resist them since the woodland creature theme of the pjs matches the theme of his room perfectly. They even have cute little owls on them!




Egan has posed a new challenge for me. I love funky hats, and I love Egan in them, but he has decided that no, in fact he doesn't like these hats. See?


This is what happened when I finally gave up on the hat and peeked over the camera to get his attention. He looked at me... but I guess I couldn't hold the camera where I needed to... dang.

Anyway, I gave up on the hat and moved to something that he didn't need to wear. Blocks.

I guess that worked better, but then again, I'm not showing you the many pictures where he is eating the blocks and kicking them across the floor.
Here's one more. I took this out at my parents' house when we were there for Thanksgiving. My grandpa brought this little jacket home for my mom when he was in the army. Now that's old! ;)
IMG_0391 (1).jpg

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

trouble in the making.

Last week Egan had a playmate come over to play with him. This is Marshall, and he and Egan are in a playgroup together. They also just so happen to be one day apart in age. It was so fun having them both here together because they are just starting to notice each other and also interact with each other.
They are also starting to learn to share, and this is Egan's sharing face.
They also did a great job just playing on the floor. I think that is why I love this age so much. They just love to play! It is, however taking me a little getting used to having my living room looking like this all the time. There are always toys scattered everywhere... sigh.
Here's another cute one. For the moment, Egan will still play in the exersaucer, but seems to prefer pulling up and standing beside it and playing with the toys this way.
Thanks Marshall for coming to play with us!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Update on "dada"

Leave it to Egan to prove me wrong. This afternoon when Blake walked in the door, Egan looked up and said "dada". So, when I said that he could say the word, but didn't really know what it meant, I was mistaken. He does, in fact, know what it means. Sorry I doubted you, Egan.

cruisin' into 8 months


Dear Egan,
Today you are 8 months old. While last month you became mobile, this month you perfected that skill. You are a man on the move.

The biggest development this month was the day you started pulling yourself up. One morning, your dad walked into your bedroom because you were awake, and he found you standing up in your crib. When he came back and told me the news, I was shocked! I simply couldn't believe it. I guess that was the beginning of the end. You were standing every chance you got after that, and still haven't stopped.

I think you are enjoying the freedom that crawling gives you, but instead of spending time on your knees, you are pushing up and standing on your toes like a push-up. It may be because we have hard wood floors, but it could also be because you'd rather be standing than on your knees crawling. How long will it be till you walk?!?

I think you are starting to wave, or at least it sure seems like it. It is kind of like clapping. I sure didn't teach you that, but one day, you were just doing it.
You are into EVERYTHING and I have to work hard to keep Bo's toys and bones picked up off the floor. Otherwise they always seem to end up in your mouth. Speaking of Bo, you and Bo are still great friends. I think he has given into the fact that you are staying around here and even plays with you when you get a hold of one of his favorite squeaky toys. I don't think you quite understand why he takes a sudden liking to you, but you soak it up.

We also put up our Christmas tree a few days ago and because you are into EVERYTHING, I wasn't sure how that was going to go. We put all plastic and other unbreakable ornaments around the bottom. We have had a few instances where you have wanted to do some grabbing and I have told you that you cannot grab the ornaments. That's new for you, and I don't think you like it too much. You throw a fit after a few times being told you can't touch the tree. We move on to something else and you do just fine though.
You are doing a lot of "talking" here recently. It seems to be becoming more intentional, but I never know with you. You say "dada" a lot, but I'm not sure that it is in reference to your daddy or just starting to repeat what I say to you. You are also a champion raspberry blower. You do that A LOT. You also are a super fun giggler. One of my favorite times of the day is when you get your little giggle box turned on and you laugh at everything. Those times really make my heart warm.
Just last night, your dad was working on teaching you how to flip the light switch. You did it several times all by your self! I'm sure as time goes, that will become even more fun for you.
As far as food goes, you are still eating like a champ and like pretty much everything that I give you. You are still a paci addict and I think we may have a hard time breaking you of that habit.
Your smile is infectious. I love when you see either your dad or I walk in the room and you flash a huge gummy grin. You even share that smile with other people which is so sweet of you.

Egan, you are growing into such a handsome little boy. It's hard to believe that gone are the days of a snugly little baby, and here are the days of a busy little boy. I love you and I can't wait to see what new things you learn in the next month.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Santa... not quite the mall way.

Last week we went to see Santa at the mall with our playgroup. Egan didn't sit with Santa then because I refused to pay $20 for the smallest package of pictures. Really? And the prints are washed out and yucky. Sorry, Santa.
We did, however, plan a trip somewhere else to see Santa. Can you guess where this North Pole scene is?
It is none other than Bass Pro Shop! We heard last year that they offer free pictures with Santa, and free is way better than $20 in my book.
We started the morning with the Howell family at the town Christmas parade in the 27 degree weather. We didn't last through the whole thing. After that we all headed out to Bass Pro with the little ones.
They had a lot of fun toys to play with.
and lots of fun stuff for Egan to look at.
Blake and I were just hoping that a Bass Pro Santa would have taxidermied reindeer, and they didn't disappoint.
The kids each took their turn with Santa, and because Egan isn't old enough to fear scary men in furry red suits yet, he smiled like a champ. It's like he's never had his picture taken... ahem.. or maybe a few THOUSAND times in his short almost 8 month life.
And for good measure, I had to include the reindeer, because you know those mall Santas don't have anything this realistic.
After Egan saw Santa, we did really family oriented things like shooting electronic pink guns while holding babies.
and watch an "outdoors man" teach people how to fish... by demonstrating it in a very large fish tank.
We also let Egan sit on a rock ledge while a deer leaped over and almost landed on him. No trick photography here.
Naiya found a little calmer one.
Egan gave his dad fashion advice.
And lastly we saw these...
Camo underwear. Yes, I just posted a picture here.
The thing I don't get is, isn't the point of it being UNDERwear that it is covered? And isn't the point of camo that you can't see it in the brush? How many hunters out there are going only in their underwear that would necessitate camo ones? Just a good thought to ponder this Christmas.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

eats it up... sort of...

Egan has still been doing a great job of eating, and well, I'm still experimenting in the kitchen with new foods for him. This is the most recent.
IMG_0697 (1).jpg
That is a turban squash. He seems to like it pretty well. I also made this...
Cauliflower. He's not such a fan of that, and I can't say I blame him. It is kind of stinky. I did end up mixing it with carrots, but he hasn't tried that just yet, so we'll see how that addition goes.
I also made some more pears... Egan LOVES pears.
Here is Egan showing how he really feels about the cauliflower (mixed with squash).
and here he is dodging it...

Here's a new skill. He can (sort of) put his own puffs in his mouth. Congrats, Egan! He still drops a lot of them in his lap, but we'll call it a success.
Here he is playing a game with his dad. Every time Blake would lean one way, so would Egan, and every time Blake would hit his hands on Egan's tray, so would Egan. So cute.
I mentioned before that Egan is pulling up on everything, and here's some more proof. He's standing against a little table... no hands of course. That is for babies.
He's also standing against a toy box looking for new goodies. Do you think the kid has a lack of toys?
Pulling up on the dishwasher, you know... helping dad in the kitchen.
... and having lots of fun doing it!
Blake took those last two pictures. Didn't he do a great job?