Monday, December 15, 2008

Recent thoughts and happenings

I don't have anything super exciting to post right now, but I do have some bullet points that I'd like to share.
  • I love the Christmas season. Our Christmas trees have been up since just before Thanksgiving and we left for our trip. (and yes, we have 2 trees.)
  • This weekend we finished our Christmas cards and sent them out.
  • Today I wrapped Christmas gifts and put them under the tree.
  • I've been collecting recipes for Christmas candy that I can make. I'll get Blake's input and make that this week.
  • I LOVE our fireplace. It is gas and turns on with a light switch. I run it all day long (because we don't pay for the gas... awesome.)
  • Bo had to go to the vet last week and get a bunch of teeth pulled and the 3 that he has left cleaned. This has been happening yearly since he was a puppy. Poor guy.
  • Bo can still do all of the things he could do before getting his teeth pulled.
  • Last Friday, we went to the Watermark Christmas party. There were tabasco shots, a dunking booth, powdered sugar snow angels, and a bucket of egg nog involved. Not like any Christmas party you've heard of, right?
  • Texas weather is crazy. Yesterday it was 80 degrees and beautiful. This morning when we woke up, it was 30 degrees and we are expecting freezing rain.
  • I was taking Bo outside this morning, and Blake was going to work and he accidentally locked me out of the apartment. Of all mornings... I went down to the office and they gave me a spare key after verifying my SS#.


  1. Success! Franklin has a bit of a tooth problem, too. He has a wicked under bite and has to get shots every year to prevent infections. He still has all his teeth, though. Poor little dudes. If you haven't changed numbers since you got back to Texas, then I should have the right one.

  2. Poor little Bo! Glad you're enjoying the season- can't wait to see pics of when you start to "show!" Sooo cute!!! :)

  3. Got the wonderfully, creative Christmas card... love it! Thanks!!!

  4. Whoops...the Anoymous person is me...Pam :~D