Friday, December 26, 2008

The day that Dallas went to the mall

It is the day after Christmas, and what does the entire state of Texas decide to do? Go to Northpark Mall, of course. We know, because we were there too. First, we drove around the parking lot for a long time before finding a spot to park, and I don't mean a close spot to park, we would have been happy with any spot that was in the same county as the mall. We finally spotted someone backing out, and Blake hurried to put on his blinker and claim the spot. We weren't really in a hurry, so there were no hard feelings toward the mall, we were just happy to be finally heading inside. We entered through Nordstroms and needed to go down one level before we could get in to the rest of the mall, so we went for the escalator. That is when my day was made. All of the parking mess and crowds were made worth it by one man's actions. Here's how it went... He rushed in front of us to get to the down escalator, grabbed both hand rails, and promptly forgot how to use an escalator. Blake and I expected him to continue moving so we were both standing a little closer behind him than we normally would have been, but I don't think he noticed. He was concentrating too hard on getting onto the moving steps. It took him about 4 tries before he succeeded in getting onto the escalator. I think we were both too bewildered to laugh, look at each other, or even say anything, but when he finally succeeded in getting onto the escalator, I leaned over to Blake and simply said "Buddy the Elf". He knew exactly what I meant and attempted to pretend to ride the escalator like Buddy did in "The Elf". The only problem came when he stepped on the girl behind us. Remember? The mall was already crazy busy and the guy in front of us held the line up for a while, so there was a whole line of people behind us. Anyway, here's a clip from "The Elf" so you can experience just what we did today. No, the guy wasn't wearing all green with yellow tights. If he were, we'd be looking for the hidden cameras. If the video decides not to work, try this link.
We went about our shopping at the mall, and for the most part it was uneventful until we were leaving. We left the same way we came in, and it just so happened that our parking spot was on the far end of the parking garage from where we were. There was this guy driving by us in the opposite direction looking for a parking place. He rolled down his window and said, "Are you leaving?" Blake said, "Yes, but we are way down on the other end of the garage." The guy replied, "Great, no problem, what are you driving?" Blake said, "A Corolla." And the guy finished with, "See you there!"
We walked down to the end of the garage and there was the guy waiting. We both thought out of all the cars in this huge garage, he isn't going to find our "Corolla down on the end." The Corolla is much too common. That is also when we looked around and realized that if we said we are in the "Mercedes or Jaguar down at the end", he never would have been able to find us. Ahh, Dallas. You love your cars.

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