Saturday, November 8, 2008

Study this photo...

Yes, If you are wondering why Blake is in a produce section at a grocery store with food in front of him, you have correctly identified the photo. I had told Blake that we need to find some good, hole-in-the-wall Mexican food near our apartment. He has succeeded with flying colors. He asked around at work to see what the favorites are, and came across this place. It is inside of a "El Rancho" grocery store. We had some really yummy tacos and burritos. Blake's Spanish
skills came handy as all of the signs were in Spanish. We decided on some food, 4 kinds of fresh salsa that I couldn't read what they were, but we decided that one of them had to have cinnamon in it. Neither of us cared for that one, but we did like the others, 2 of which were
green, and also a more traditional pico style. Also, the meal wouldn't have been complete without some good Mexican soda. Love it.
After we ate, we needed to pick up a few grocery items. I enjoyed the produce section where the jalapenos were $.67 per pound, cilantro was 3 bunches for $1, and limes were 25 for $1. Score. I sure did get some stuff to make salsa.
The story doesn't end here though... When we got in the check out line, there was this case of pop ice things in fun flavors. Blake got "rice pudding" and I got coconut. The guy in line behind us got the same one as Blake, so Blake asked him if it was good. The guys said yes, and then said, "by the way, what are you doing here?" haha, I had already noted that we were the only white people in the store, but I wasn't expecting for someone to point that out. I was too busy laughing to answer, but Blake said, "we're here for the food" pointing to where we'd gotten the tacos. The guy agreed that they were good, and we went about our checkout business.
I plan to go back soon. Maybe I'll tan first though.

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  1. Awesome!!! I bet that some tasty food! Love places like that :) Hope you guys are doing well- we miss you out here!