Monday, November 24, 2008

beyond a reasonable doubt...

Today we went to the doctor and we've got some baby news to share. First... check out this cutie. I'm loving that nose!
And here's the news... any guesses on if it is a boy or girl?

If you were able to figure out what you were looking at, I'm sure you know it is a BOY! I don't think there is a doubt on this one. We've had friends get a 60%, 75%, 80% chance that it is a ______ (fill in the blank), but not us!
Anyway, more importantly, the sonagrapher and doctor said that everything looks good. We were able to see his stomach, all four chambers of the heart beating, feet kicking, and him sucking on a hand. It was awesome. We feel extremely excited and blessed!


  1. Glad it's healthy and you are doing fine! I am not going to comment on the sex, since I actually know! The "photos" are so real that it makes this almost surreal! Thanks for sharing the moment and this great news with us!

  2. Wow! Upon closer inspection...I do see the face and features of this child! What a miracle... :~D

  3. AAAHHH!!! Congratulations! So excited for you guys! So happy all is healthy, too.

    Ps- did we call it or what??? HA!

    Miss you guys!

  4. What a miracle! Such a beautiful baby boy! I can't wait to hold him.
    Lots of Love,