Thursday, October 16, 2008

slowly but surely...

slowly but surely, we are getting our apartment together. This is the latest in our list of projects...

It has been a few days in the making, and still more to do. Here's how it went. Sunday night, Blake and I decided on the pictures we wanted to get printed. I retouched them all and turned them black and white. Tuesday, I went out to Granbury and my mom let me use her big photo printer to print them all. THANK YOU, MOM! That saved us a bundle of cash for sure. Since Blake was so obsessed about getting these things hung, on Wednesday, he drug me to Hobby Lobby, and every other craft store in town to get frames. 10 of them... matching. Let me tell you, it is a challenge to find 10 frames that are the same and in good shape. Finally, we accomplished that mission. Blake also insisted that we get a picture framed for the kitchen... just to give it some color in there. That mission... also accomplished. Also, on Blake's framing agenda... frame a piece of art to go above the fireplace. That one is going to take a while to get done because it is so big, so that one will take a week or so to get back. Too bad.
Today, Blake insisted that all 10 pictures were level and evenly spaced over the couch. I had to spend the entire morning on the top of a ladder making that happen.
Anyway, you may have noticed that we are missing a picture. Well, this morning as Blake and I were putting them all together, one of the pieces of glass literally shattered in my hand. Well, I shouldn't say shattered, but it did break into several pieces, and I didn't drop it. The place where we got the frames ONLY had 10, so I'm hoping that we can find another one so we can fix it. Always something fun!
Side note: if you believed any word of Blake dragging me around town for frames or obsessing over them being level... maybe you need to get to know us a little better. It wasn't him that was doing the dragging... it was me. I just thought it would sound more interesting that way.

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