Monday, October 27, 2008

the desk

the hotdog that you saw in the video below is the subject of this post as well. You see, it is version 2 of the hotdog that I got for him back in may. It has been his obsession since that moment. The original hotdog is now discolored and missing it's squeaker. I mentioned to my mom that it was time for a new hotdog and I haven't been able to find one around us, but she knew where to find one. And by one, I actually mean 2. She got him a new hotdog AND a new hamburger. Blake and I thought that since he still had the old hotdog, we'd hold the new one back till the hamburger is worn out, so I put the hotdog on the desk... out of his reach... so I thought. The other evening, I was getting dinner together and turned around and he had the NEW hotdog in his mouth. I asked Blake if he gave it to Bo, and no, he hadn't. I couldn't figure out how he had gotten it, so I put it back on the desk and watched. This is what I saw...
If the video doesn't work, try this.

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  1. Oh my goodness, that seriously is too funny. I'm on the train right now laughting out loud. Love animal :) Ok, time to watch the other video!