Wednesday, September 3, 2008

here and there

Just a few tidbits of info today.
  • We finally have internet in our new apartment. Yay! Still no furniture or the rest of our belongings.... but hopefully they will get here soon.
  • Bo likes all the space he has in his new apartment to run around.
  • When you roll/cram as many shirts into a suitcase as possible when you are moving... Everything is extremely wrinkled when you arrive. (I'm sorry Blake... I'll fix them for you so you don't have to iron everything before wearing it.)
  • Our new apartment has an ice maker, the first one I've had since living with my parents.
  • Our new mattress isn't as good as the one we got in June and then sold because we were moving. I called Overstock. They are supposed to fix it.
  • I'm leaving next week to go to NYC for a little over 3 weeks for a project. Nothing like moving into a new place only to leave a week later.
  • I'm looking forward to seeing my NYC friends! I've missed you guys!
  • I like Chick-fil-a.
That's all I have for now!


  1. sounds like progress!

    welcome to the hood.

  2. AAHH! When will you be here??? Can't wait to see you!!! Email me :)

  3. Yeah for Texas! Go right now to a Sonic and have a lemon berry slush for me. There are only two Sonics in the state and the nearest one is like two hours away!

  4. oh - my mouth is watering thinking about chick-fil-a! let me know when you are here and we can grab lunch. can't wait to catch up!

  5. Whitney, have I missed your birthday? I know its right here at the beginning of school, but I never seem to get it right. Happy Birthday now in case I did miss it, and also in case it's in the future. Then I'm covered both ways.