Friday, August 22, 2008

What is your design style?

We have a new apartment, or well, we will in a week. I told you a little bit about our new apartment here, so you know that it is 1200 sq ft. (a big change over 350 in NYC.) That said, we're going to need some new stuff to fill it up, so I've been looking at furniture online so I can have a good idea of what I like, show it to Blake to see if he likes it, and can find the best deal. I ran across this quiz on It asks you 10 questions about what you like, and tells you your style based on that. Go ahead... Take the quiz and tell me your results. I'm curious what style everyone is going to be. Click here.
The quiz said that I am "Rustic Comfort"(read the full description below). I still don't know that I agree with that title because pretty much nothing I choose is "rustic", but after reading the description, I can see how that might work, but I would change it to "Contemporary Comfort". I think that would fit me much better because I like contemporary styled furniture, but I don't want to be sitting on weird plastic furniture either. I can see where the functional comes into play from our stay in NYC. It was a rule that everything in the apartment must serve at least 2 but preferably 3 purposes.
I also think that "rustic comfort" might just be a catch all... for the person who chose too many different styles in the quiz. Maybe in that case, they should call it "eclectic comfort" or even "eclectic contemporary". Yeah, that might fit me better than "rustic". What's your take?

Rustic Comfort

The verdict is in, but there's a twist. Your design style is a combination: part updated country, part ethnic flair, both with a contemporary look and feel. You need a home with casual and practical style – an environment that'll work for kids, pets, company and more. The emphasis is on simple yet attractive, durable furniture will hold up over time while your colorful accessories energize and entertain for years.

"The furniture for this design style could be contemporary or traditional, says Julie Rackley, an interior designer in Bellevue, Washington. "The common threads are comfort and durability" That means easy-to-clean synthetic blends like micro-fiber, which cleans up swiftly with a sponge. (So long silk!) Function is a key consideration as well. A multi-purpose ottoman that doubles as a coffee table or storage unit would work for you.

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