Friday, August 1, 2008

things that make me happy

Just thought I'd compile a list of things that in general, I just like. Beyond the first few, they are in no particular order as that order could change from day to day.
  1. my husband - this goes without saying. He's my best friend for sure. I enjoy living life with him.
  2. my friends and family - I love and miss you all when I'm not with you.
  3. bo - he keeps us company and at the same time keeps us crazy. How does he manage that? (as I type, he's demanding that I turn my attention to him.)
  4. our car - 4 years ago, that wouldn't have made my list, but after living 3 years of going without one, I'm happy and thankful every time I get in it.
  5. in-n-out burger - it's yummy, cheap, and less than 5 minutes from our apartment. love it.
  6. chili's - just the smell as I enter makes my mouth water. (that is true)
  7. airplanes - while I hate the hassle of flying, I love that they can get me across the country in a few hours so I can see the people I love.
  8. the internet - what did we do before it? we now use it to research everything before we buy, keep up with everyone we know, and find a new place to eat.
  9. iPhone - we carry the world in our pocket everyday. I can instantly look up a random fact to prove I'm right or get directions to anywhere we can think of going. More recently it now tells us where we should go to eat. (if you have an iPhone, download the "urbanspoon" app. love it.)
  10. my small ESV Bible - My husband picked it out and gave it to me, it's handy, it's hard cover for durability, and I just like that version.
  11. Project Runway - I know it's silly, but for some reason, I love that show.
  12. the roomba - because right now... as I type... my apartment is getting vacuumed. (and every so often bo just so happens to be in its path and he almost gets run over. that is what he gets for giving me endless attitude.)
  13. a dishwasher - because I can simply put the dirty dishes in it, and they come out clean! it's amazing!
  14. bo's little squeeky hot dog toy - because to entertain him, all I have to do is hide it under the rug. He digs and digs and digs some more till he can get it out (or I give it to him).
  15. new clothes - I like to wear them for the first time before washing them. Why? I don't know. I just do.
  16. a good, strong, hot shower - I don't like those puny ones where it feels like I have to wash my hair for 10 minutes to get the soap out.
  17. a bathroom with a vent - for many reasons... Do I have to explain? (ok... Our apartment in NYC didn't have a vent. The closest we got to one was the little window that opened up into the shaft area and faced other apartments. Can you say awkward?)
  18. California weather - I think this is a no brainer. Who wouldn't like their summers to be 70 degrees?
  19. suitcases with wheels - why didn't someone think of that sooner? Who wants to actually carry a bag when they can pull it?
  20. a memory foam mattress - I don't think we will ever get any other kind. We both sleep great and sleep hard...
  21. Diet Dr. Pepper - it wakes me up and tastes really good.
  22. mexican food and hamburgers - my favorite foods hands down.
  23. Did I mention that I really like that stupid squeeky hot dog toy that bo has? He's still digging in the rug for it. He is so tired yet for some reason he still won't give it up.
  24. clean sheets for the bed - and I like it when they are cold on my skin when I get in them. There is no better feeling.
  25. nice people - anywhere I can find them. They make me smile. It doesn't matter if it is a long lost friend or a check out person at the grocery store. I like it when people are nice.
Wow, I didn't intend on writing 25 when I started this post. Oh well, now you know me a little better.
What are some things that make you smile? Leave a comment!


  1. Aww...sweet! Some are so simple, and it's neat that you notice it all.
    For me, #1 is being with my family ...we miss you!