Sunday, August 17, 2008


Blake and I went to Target tonight to get some dog food, and in the checkout lane I saw this for $.52:
Skwinkles SalsaGheti. I "you won'ted" (dared) Blake to eat them. He said "OK." Turns out it was the best 52 cents I've ever spent. Keep reading.
When we got home, I broke out the camera and told him to dig in. I was getting this dare on film. Here's the first taste.Just a little cringe after the first bite.Managing a smile... and describing the taste as "Cherry Twizzlers with Seasoned Salt". Now doesn't that make you want some of your own?
Also included in the package was this package of goo. He decided to be safe and taste the goo before dipping the spaghetti into it. His description of this was, "Rotten Taco Bell hot sauce." He proceeded to dip the spaghetti.
A nice pre eating smile.
... And the aftermath. Yes, it was that bad.
He did however say that this is only the second worst Mexican junk food he has eaten. The first being the Mexican Doritos that we got while on our honeymoon. We couldn't read what the flavor was supposed to be because it wasn't in English, but it could ONLY have said "vomit". There is nothing else we could come up with to describe the taste. BAD. I'm sure all the locals know to steer clear of the things and to just laugh at all the tourists that say... "Green package... must be lime or something like that." So, the Skwinkles... they were close, but will never equal the Mexican Doritos. Never.
Here's the dare... Anyone who is willing to eat your own Skwinkles, tell me. Nothing would give me more pleasure than to purchase a package for you. Rules are, you must have pictures taken to prove you actually ate them. Dare is on.


  1. ROFLOL!!!! that is simply hilarious!!! your brave Blake, i probably would of smelt them and with a cringing look thrown them away. eewwwwww....

  2. hahahaha... so funny! way to go blake! that looks absolutely repulsive.