Saturday, August 16, 2008

the office = real life episode 2

Blake and I have enjoyed watching the Olympics this week, and when I saw this clip, it really made me laugh. If you haven't read my philosophy (originating from my mom) on who I live with (Blake and Bo), now might be a good time to catch up on it before you continue reading this post. Click here to go back to it.
Alright, so we are all read up now, huh? Now you are ready to continue with this clip of Dwight. Several times, I've posted about the hotdog (and other toys) that Bo is obsessed with, and while Bo may not go "rabbit hunting" or "hampster hiding" like Dwight talks about, he does go "monkey and hotdog hunting" when we hide his toys in random places around the apartment. He doesn't give up for anything for any reason. You might even say it is the same intensity as Dwight in the clip.

Here's another clip that for some reason seems to hit home. It just so happens to be Olympic related also. When we saw this clip on TV, Blake was picking on Bo at that very moment. I laughed out loud at him.

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