Friday, August 15, 2008

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Today I've spent most of the day trying to find out the service providers for our new apartment so that when we move in, we'll be ready to go. Why do you care that I did that today? Well, you might or might not care in the long run, but hang with me...
On the "welcome letter" we got from our new apartment complex, it states that at&t is our provider for cable and internet. AT&T is our provider for internet here, and the whole first month of service, I think we called AT&T about every other day because it doesn't work. Finally Blake figured out something that made it work a little better. I don't know what, but I guess it is nice to live with someone who can figure that stuff out.
Alright, back to today... I took a look on the at&t website to see if I could find out what tv service they offered in our new area. Blake was hoping for U-verse... but no, it didn't look like that would work at our new apartment. The only other service they offer is through dish network. That would be fine but... our apartment faces the north, and to get satellite service, it has to have a southern view. Great... now what. So, I decide that I should just call AT&T because maybe I misunderstood the services that they offer... I'm on hold for what seems like forever (10 minutes) and finally a woman comes on the line and I her that I am trying to find out what service they offer in my new apartment. I give her our new address and she said "Hold, please...." Click... the line went dead.
Great, so I just waited on hold for 10 minutes for nothing. Time to try again...
This time it is a guy that answers... He says.. "I can't look that up for you. I can transfer you to U-verse..."
I said, "I already looked them up, and that service isn't offered, but I see that you have some other sort of service. Can you tell me about that? Is that what is used in our apartment complex?" He says... "I can't tell you if it is used. You can look online."
Getting frustrated now... "No, in fact I can't look online for that other service... it says to call this number for more information, but you can't tell me if that service is offered to me?"
"No, but I can transfer you to U-verse."
I ask to speak to his supervisor because obviously I already said... U-verse is not available.
He said that he doesn't have a supervisor... Liar. I got his name and badge number. I plan on reporting him.
I finally let him transfer me hoping for a better person this time. The next person was a lady. It started off great until she started asking me for my social security number. "WHAT? I just want to find out if you offer service in my new area. I'm not signing up today. I'm just finding out my options and prices."
She said, "Well, I can't find out if it is available if you don't give it to me. We have to check your credit before we can approve you."
I reminded her that I AM NOT GETTING SERVICE TODAY. I AM JUST FINDING OUT IF IT IS AVAILABLE IN MY APARTMENT. She persists and I ask her if she just wants me to make one up. Surprisingly she said... yes, so I did.
All this to find out that no, U-verse in fact is not available... Duh, I already knew that. She says that they do offer dish network in our area. I told her that our apartment faces the wrong way for that. Does she know if they have a central antenna? She said... "No, we don't do that." (Yes, as a matter of fact, I know that they do... but that is another story.)
The next call I made was to the apartment to find out more information. Here's what I found out... Yes, they use the dish network through AT&T. Problem comes when my apartment faces north. She didn't have a solution for that. She gave me another number to call for a guy that might know what the solution is.
Great... Call number 4...
He said that they do in fact have a central antenna. Just like I thought. Problem solved. All that, and I don't even think we are going to get cable right now. I was really just looking so that I could get internet service with the same company that we would eventually get tv through. Ahh, frustrating.
So, here's the real reason for the post. In my search for information, I stumbled across this site... You tell them your new address and they tell you what service is there for Internet, phone, cable, utilities, newspaper, etc. It is a pretty good help even if I don't book anything through them. It is nice to know what options I have for electric companies.
Hoping White Fence helps you...

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