Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Craig's list...

It's a strange thing. You list your personal belongings for people to buy. They email you and say they will offer some ridiculously low price for an item that is worth much more. They might come over and examine the item you have for sale... only to try to again offer you much less than it is worth. It is a somewhat strange feeling.
Since we are leaving here in less than 2 weeks, we've begun trying to get rid of the things that won't fit in our car for the ride to Dallas. We started with our new memory foam mattress and bedroom dresser that we got when we moved here. We figured we'd go ahead and list them now so that they have a little longer to sell since they were new and we wanted a little more money for them than most things on Craig's list. The mattress sold pretty quickly and since Saturday, we've been sleeping on an air mattress. Boy was I spoiled to that awesome memory foam mattress. I'll never get any other kind. If you want to know where we got it, leave a comment or email me. I'll be happy to share my secret. As for the dresser, I think someone is going to come get it today. We'll see.
Still to get listed... the microwave, 2 chairs that we bought on Craig's list at the beginning of the summer, and a used tv and stand that we also got on Craig's list. Overall, I think we are looking to lose less than $100 total after we've sold everything... a much better option than renting furniture at a minimum price of $300 a month. (And honestly, for $300, I think we may have ended up with a NASTY sofa and mattress and not much more. I'll shop for my self, thank you.)

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