Sunday, August 10, 2008

A bit of a different direction...

As some of you know, and many of you don't, we are currently in California so I can work for Apple for the summer. It is a program that is set up so that retail employees who are good at what they do have the opportunity to advance in the company into the corporate environment. Things have been going really well here, and we have loved the experience. The weather is great, there are so many things we haven't seen, there is so much more space than New York, there are less homeless people chasing you on the street for money. Overall, we like it a lot here, and couldn't picture ourselves going back to New York after this.
This is probably why we are not going back to New York at the end of this month. (That isn't entirely true, I will be going back for a few days to get all of our stuff together and coordinate movers in getting our stuff out of storage, out of our apartment, and selling the rest online.) The funny thing is, we won't be staying in California either. About the same time I applied for the position here with Apple, maybe the month before, I had spoken with a guy at a pretty cool church in Dallas about working there to help on their technical team. I have been practicing my sound skills, technical skills and nun-chuck skills at the church we went to in New York, and felt like it was something I wanted to pursue as a career. A couple of weeks ago they offered me a position to work there full time, helping with sound, lights, technical aspects of the church, and training others in "the way of the tech".
Whitney and I prayed a lot about it, because we did not want to rush into anything just because there was something we wanted to do. We did not want to stay in California just because it was the financially smart thing to do. (I don't know if you know this, but Apple makes some pretty awesome stuff, and is a really good company to work for.) We also did not want to run into something where it wouldn't be a good fit, where we didn't believe that we were doing the right thing, and where we didn't feel like we were doing something that would help us grow in Christ. We like the church, we like the people, we feel that the church and my role there will meet us where we are, so we have decided to take things in a different direction than we had originally planned at the start of the summer.
We are super excited to be moving to Dallas. There is so much that needs to be done, but we are confident that everything will go as smoothly as it normally does. Thank you all for any prayers and support you can give us. We definitely appreciate them.


  1. wow! well, we had a feeling you wouldnt be back to NYC. but thats ok- i think the job in dallas sounds awesome. whats the church?

    im so glad you have had a great time in Cali. it sounds amazing.

    looking forward to seeing how your next adventure goes!

  2. please call me if you ever have question or need help. It's funny how we have the coolest jobs but the simple ones are the ones that fit so well.


  3. yay!! we heard you two were heading back home a few days ago from Aunt Pam!! yeah, as you can imagine, everyone here is all in a hubub about your coming back :D! lol! it's the talk of the family :)!

    can't wait to see you guys!

  4. i secretly was hoping for a baby...but i'm excited you guys will be in dallas! ;) we are sad you won't be back here, but at least we'll be visiting that area much more often than CA. so excited for you guys!

    i'm with katy...what church is it?

  5. I second Shawna's secret hope!!! But if it isn't a baby, then I'm glad you are moving to Dallas! We'll definitely enjoy having you closer.

  6. Blake!

    that's cool news.. hope you enjoy it a lot.

    good luck with the move


  7. Yeah! I'm so excited for you guys! We may actually see you again!