Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bath time with Bo

Last night, it was bath time for Bo. He HATES a bath more than anything. In fact, if he is being a jerk to either Blake or me, we tell him that it is bath time. That usually makes him nice again. All it takes is a threat. Anyway, I knew he was getting a bath last night, but I hadn't told him that yet. I was just doing dishes and getting the bath stuff ready (stealthfully, of course. I didn't want to tip him off.) It doesn't matter how careful I am about getting out the dog shampoo, conditioner, scissors, comb and towel... he still always figures it out and hides. Poor guy, he didn't hide well enough last night. He got a good hair cut and bath.
Here he is after the bath... wet, mad and cold. After I snuggled him for a little bit, it was hair dryer time. As usual, after that was over, he was HYPER. This is a picture I snapped of him with my phone in the 1 second I got him to be still. Crazy. There you have it. That is a typical bath time with Bo.

PS - I updated the sidebar for the blog. What do you think? Does it make finding things easier? Any suggestions?

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