Thursday, July 3, 2008

Update on Flowers and Hummingbirds

This is an update to the post about green thumbs...
And the answer to if I have one or not is... YES! At least so far, I do. Below, you will see my first flower. There were a few blooms when I got the flowers, but I'm not taking the credit for them, but I will take credit for this one...

We DO have humming birds! I got the hummingbird feeder at the same time I got the flowers, but I hadn't seen any until today. This is the only picture I got before Bo fulfilled his position as watch dog. He didn't even see the bird. He just saw that I was looking out the window and thought there must be something out there for him. I did manage this one "paparazzi like" photo. Yes, those are our bedroom blinds on the side of the picture. I was stalking the hummingbird until my cover was blown by my not-so-stealthlike dog.

Here's another random picture. Bo, the watchdog, thinks there is something in the corner of the patio. Every time we go out there, he sticks his face in it and sniffs like crazy. There isn't any more to this story, just one strange dog.


  1. lol! aren't dogs weird?! love the flower, it's so lovely!
    by the way...
    i'm sure you can guess what i'll be watching on ESPN today :D! even when your in the Sunshine state, you still get to hear about it :)!

  2. Looks like you guys are pretty settled in! Aaah, hummingbirds. We used to get a few in SD as well... sigh. And Bo is too funny-ha!