Sunday, June 29, 2008

We saw Wall-E and it inspired us... get our own robot to clean up after us. We got a Roomba. I'm not so sure we got the same message that Pixar was expecting us to get, but we were inspired none the less. If you've never seen a roomba in action, it's a real treat to watch it vacuum the entire apartment for us. Blake and I just sat and watched it for a while... amazed. It gets under the chairs, under the dining room table, around the kitchen, bathroom, closet... the whole place! Anyway, that's been our fun today... a vacuum... errrr... I mean... robot. That sounds a little better, I guess. Our next project... make it sing as it works, and apparently it is possible. Blake's suggestion was to make it sing "Whistle While You Work." We'll see if we get that one to work. I'll keep you in the know of all our Roomba happenings.

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