Thursday, June 5, 2008

An Update from the Road... (with pictures this time!)

Some pictures from the road...
The Thing!?!? Blake and I already had the opportunity to see "The Thing" when we were moving to Arizona a few years ago. It was such a memorable experience that we decided to take my mom as we drove through there on our way to California. The billboards for "the thing" start hundreds of miles before you actually reach "the thing", so we got her all excited about seeing "it". Here she is with "The Thing". I won't tell you what is in the box, nor will I show you the picture I took of it. I'd not want to ruin it in case you are driving down I10 through Arizona.

I took the following photos as we drove through California on the 101 and highway 1. They were just taken from the car going 70mph, so if you look carefully, you might see reflections from the car window. I thought it was just too beautiful to pass up.

The ocean near San Simeon where we are staying tonight. Don't let the sun fool you. It is actually around 50 degrees and CRAZY windy.

A little mexican food place where we ate dinner.


  1. thanks for keeping us updated! i must admit though, my curiosity about "the thing" is quite unbearable! :)

  2. I have to find out what The Thing is! Agh!

    But seriously, that picture of the three of you is great! I especially love Bo's hairdo.