Sunday, June 15, 2008

finding out if dogs swim

the answer.... yes, but we didn't test that one today. We did, however take a little kayaking trip down to Monterey Bay with some apple people. We thought it might be fun to take Bo along instead of leaving him home all day alone, so we got him a little life jacket and along he came. It was fun! Blake and I took a 2 person kayak and Bo rode on my lap. He really did great except for the few minutes after he realized how far we were from shore, but he calmed down soon enough. The water was freezing. Both Blake and I were wearing wet-suits and a paddling jacket as you can see in the pictures, so we stayed warm except for walking out into the water to get into the boat and getting out of the boat to come back on shore.
We don't have any way to keep any of our cameras dry, so we just took these few photos on the beach after the trip, but a few of Blake's friends had waterproof cameras, so maybe they will share some of the photos taken while we were paddling and of the wildlife that we saw. There were otters, seals, pelicans, and all sorts of birds that dove under the water. They would swim right up close to the boat just to check the people out. Cool!
Anyway, enjoy a few pictures...These were a few of blake's friends before they came back to shore.


  1. awwww, Bo is so cute in his little jacket :)! sounds like you guys are enjoying CA to the fullest!

  2. woo-hoo! How's it going? Glad the move went well. Sounds like you're settling in and having fun. We've got three weeks in Abilene!

  3. i missed three posts ago where you asked for responses but here i am now! your pics are amazing! i want to be there!
    hope you're doing well.

  4. ahhh... so beautiful, sigh. and bo sure seems to be enjoying it, too! :)

  5. How fun! It's so gorgeous there! And Bo looks so cute in his life vest!