Tuesday, June 24, 2008

But do you really want to do the minimum?

Whitney found this facebook app (or was sent it by my sister and Christian Humble) that she then sent on to me. I say sent on to me, but she bombarded me with buttons (called Flair in homage of Chotchkie's in Office Space) until there was nothing I could do but respond. It is a kind of fun little facebook app, that lets you send and receive "flair" and then organize it on your profile to your liking and present it. It sounds kind of geekish, but it is kind of fun and adds individuality. For example, Whitney went for the generalist approach, while I aimed more for he minimalist look, focusing on what can only be seen as the most true statement on television.
I do want to point out, that while looking at this and adding them to your facebook account may not be too geeky, there is a level of geekdom that has rarely been seen this side of the internet Mississippi. There are actually people who make it their daily goal to make these buttons, and put their mark on your account. Think about that the next time you walk into a Best Buy. That "Where's Waldo" button could have been made by the kid that sells you that microwave that knows just a little too much about the rotation speed of the kenmore versus the sharp.
Blake's Flair:
Whitney's Flair:

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