Sunday, May 11, 2008

What to do when you can't serve your mom (on Mother's Day)

Today Whitney and I went to help out at a long term care facility in the Village with our Community Group. We took cabs up to the Baily House right after church with our group and got to work. Well, Whitney got to work and I went to find some Tylenol Sinus as to today was the day my allergies decided that it is Spring in the city, which is to say that they gave me as much trouble as a crazy business woman on a crowded subway carrying a live chicken from Canal Street to 86th and Lexington on a train that is destined to fail, and me with a dead iPod.
When I got back, jobs were being done and food was being made. As I am not much of a cooker, more of a watcher and smart answer giver, I helped with the cutting of vegetables. I should point out that the last time I was asked to do extensive cutting in a group setting was in Boy Scouts, for Pine Wood Derby's, and mine ended up pretty much like the block of wood it started out as, and my fingers all ended up in Band-aid brand adhesive bandages. I did successfully chop zucchini, jalapenos, and green onions for a salad that needed no cooking, with minimal poking of the fingers and surprisingly no blood.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the kitchen... Whitney and Kenny (one of the Pastors of our church) were building a cake for dessert. Whitney has never necessarily prided herself as an expert chef, but has always said she was better than me. Now, everyone knows that there are some ingredients you cannot leave out of a cake. Eggs, milk, flour and sugar. Those are the building blocks, even I know that one. Well, Whitney and Kenny add a bunch of ingredients in a bowl and mixed them in an industrial mixer, buttered and filled 2 cake pans and heated the oven. Kenny looked back at the counter at this point, and then looked and saw... an entire bag of unopened sugar. They had forgotten to add it! They poured the entire concoction into the big bowl again and hand kneaded the sugar into the dough. Then re-buttered and re-poured and then put the 2 cake pans into the oven. That was almost a disaster.
When the food was ready, we got it all together and served about 30 to 35 people our 6 days after Cinco de Mayo, Mexican Mother's Day Tex-Mex meal. It was good, and the people there really seemed to enjoy it, some of them even took seconds. I say took seconds, because they didn't eat them, they wrapped them up and took them back to their rooms. The day went really well, and it was something we enjoyed doing. Thanks to Becky for finding all the foods for us to make, and then direct us in the way of the preparation. You did great!
Notice the "nice" hair net. Stylish...
The beautiful finished cakes.

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  1. Fun day, indeed! So glad you guys could make it. We're really going to miss you!!! :(