Thursday, May 8, 2008

what I see

This is the sight in the living room right now. It's a beautiful one,
right? The main thing I'm finding challenging right now is finding a
place to put the boxes once they are packed. These are now too high
for me to stack them any higher, and I am out of room everywhere
else. I guess Blake will have to help me find some new space
tomorrow. The good news... I've just about finished everything in the
kitchen. That has been the hardest part.
The other good news from today... we reserved an apartment for the
summer! What a relief! It has been tough to find a place that has
short term leases and accepts dogs... is close to Blake's work and
finally... is not too expensive. Yes, I know california is
expensive... but I'll never pay THAT much to rent a small 1 bedroom
for a month... Now granted, those expensive places are furnished and
our place isn't, but I'd rather buy a few basics and save some $$$ on
Tomorrow on the list... start packing clothes... sorting through and
figuring out what we will need for the next 3.5 months. On top of
figuring out WHAT we need is trying to figure out HOW MUCH we can cram
in to suitcases and onto a plane. Ahhh... I love moving...

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  1. Still can't believe it... but i'm excited for you guys :)