Saturday, May 31, 2008

the rundown

Just thought some of you might be interested in or roadtrip plans to California. It should be a fun one.

June 1st, 12:20 am - Blake lands at DFW airport from NYC.
June 1st, morning - Blake, mom and I head out west. We'll see how far we'll get, but our goal is the big city of Pacos, TX. What's there, you ask? Nothing... nothing at all. It just looked like a good stopping point.
June 2nd - drive... drive... drive...
June 3rd - Drive some more... go to San Diego to see some of my Mom's friends and enjoy the city.
June 4th - Hang out in San Diego some more, and start in the direction of Cupertino.
June 5th - Lord willing... arrive at the new home base of the Sawyer's, Cupertino, CA.

Blake has had an interesting time these last 2 days in NYC. I won't write all about it now, I'll let him do it. He'll be much funnier than I am anyway. Here's a quick story to set the tone though... I just got off of the phone with him. He's in the airport in Atlanta waiting for his next flight. He just realized that last night when he was doing laundry, he only emptied 2 of the 3 dryers at the laundry mat. He is now without 1/3 of his clothes. I'm not sure if they have them or not, but I think it is a pretty funny story to not notice until he is across the country. We shall see how this one plays out!

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