Tuesday, May 6, 2008

new stuff is happening... and it's crazy

So, here's the word... Blake and I are moving! Where, you ask? California! We have committed for the summer, but we don't know what is happening after that. I won't speak too much for Blake, but I'm feeling a huge range of emotions. I'm excited for the new experience, excited for Blake's new job (which I'm sure he will do a great job!), excited to meet new people, excited about the possibility of a guest bedroom where I can't wait to host our friends and family from all over the country, and I'm excited about the comforts of life that we will never again take for granted (dishwasher, laundry that is closer than 4 blocks and 3 flights of stairs away, space... space... and a little more space). I'm SO SAD to leave our friends here in NYC who have become more like family (but thankful that we live in a time of planes so that they can come see us... and we can come back and see them). I'm sad to leave this BEAUTIFUL city. I don't think there is another city like it in the world.
I never thought I would be this excited about getting a car! Especially since we are just getting an inexpensive one (read... cheap and reliable... and if I have anything to say about it... super cute). I've got to get used to driving again. I haven't done much of that in the last 3 years. We'll be getting a car in the next few weeks, so I'll be sure to keep you updated with what we end up with.
I'm feeling pretty stressed as well... I'll be leaving next wednesday (1 week away!) and won't be coming back (at least for a while). We're going for Amanda's graduation (Blake's sister), and then I'm just going to stay to get a car and hang out with my family for a couple of weeks. My mom and I will then drive... yes drive... to California. To tell the truth... I'm actually looking forward a good cross country road trip. I'm sure there will be some blogs along the way. Right now, I'm trying to get everything packed so that Blake doesn't have to do it all while he is working and I'm gone. He'll just have a few necessities to get through the next few weeks. Since everything is staying here in storage, I'm also trying to figure out everything we will need for the next 3 months. We can only take as much as we can carry on the plane though.
So, all that said, life around here is kind of upside down and a bit crazy right now. There you go... a nice long update with what's happening with the sawyers! Stay tuned to see how things end up going.

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  1. i heard about the exciting news!! going from cold winter snow to a hot sandy beach will be a change :D. have fun packing!