Wednesday, May 21, 2008

check it out!

While I'm here in TX, my main task is to purchase a car. It's been a little tough since everyone here is looking for the same car I am looking for (cheap, reliable, low miles, good gas milage), but I think we found the perfect one today! My mom and I went looking in Arlington at a few cars and nothing really "fit the bill" in one way or another. I came across this one that looked good online, but was a little ways outside of town, so we waited till last thing this afternoon to go out there. When we got there, we saw this cute car. ("Cute" - as I use it... and Blake defines it means - "I like it".) We took it out for a drive and decided it is just what I'm looking for... down to the color! So, here are the specs... Black 2006 Toyota Corolla S with low miles. It's like new on the inside and out! P.S. - the "S" means "sport". I'm not sure how sporty a Corolla can get, but the only difference I can see is the extra part below the car to make it look lower and the shiny finishings on the inside... and a little sportier steering wheel and gages. I was hoping it meant a super power motor, but no such luck there. It isn't ours yet, but tomorrow or Friday we hope to finalize everything so I can drive it off the lot! We've been praying for a car that fulfills our needs (and hopefully some of our desires), and it is a great feeling to actually get to see this car we've been praying for. Now, we just need to pray that the rest of this process comes through easily and quickly.
I'll keep you updated on the progress though!


  1. what fun! isn't it amazing how God answers prayer? your right, it is cute (sorry Blake :)), and i love the color! i'll be praying for the rest that needs to happen!

  2. Keep the updates flowing, its fun to hear from you! Blessings