Saturday, May 31, 2008

the rundown

Just thought some of you might be interested in or roadtrip plans to California. It should be a fun one.

June 1st, 12:20 am - Blake lands at DFW airport from NYC.
June 1st, morning - Blake, mom and I head out west. We'll see how far we'll get, but our goal is the big city of Pacos, TX. What's there, you ask? Nothing... nothing at all. It just looked like a good stopping point.
June 2nd - drive... drive... drive...
June 3rd - Drive some more... go to San Diego to see some of my Mom's friends and enjoy the city.
June 4th - Hang out in San Diego some more, and start in the direction of Cupertino.
June 5th - Lord willing... arrive at the new home base of the Sawyer's, Cupertino, CA.

Blake has had an interesting time these last 2 days in NYC. I won't write all about it now, I'll let him do it. He'll be much funnier than I am anyway. Here's a quick story to set the tone though... I just got off of the phone with him. He's in the airport in Atlanta waiting for his next flight. He just realized that last night when he was doing laundry, he only emptied 2 of the 3 dryers at the laundry mat. He is now without 1/3 of his clothes. I'm not sure if they have them or not, but I think it is a pretty funny story to not notice until he is across the country. We shall see how this one plays out!

Something interesting I saw.

Here's a quick something interesting I saw last night. It was just outside of my parent's back door. When I first spotted it, the web was just a basic structure, and as I watched, it built the whole web.
It was pretty interesting to see how quickly it worked. In fact, both of my parents and I stood at the door and watched it build almost the entire web. We were mesmerized! I ran and got a camera to see what I could capture, but the light wasn't great, and the spider was moving
really quick. This is just so you can see what I saw.

Friday, May 23, 2008

some cute photos

Here are some cute photos from this week. The first 2 are of Chewy, Blake's family dog. He's such a cute teddy bear, and he LOVES Blake... but who doesn't?

These 2 pictures I took today from my parents back patio. The first is a big frog (Correction: So, maybe it is a toad... my mom just said toad's don't have webbed feet. She's so smart.) that let me get 1 ft. away from him without even moving, and the other is of a female cardinal drinking from the bird bath.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's ours!

We got the car today! How exciting is that? I really didn't think I'd be able to get it this quick, but it's here! I just thought I'd pass that bit of info along. Have a fun rest of the day!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

check it out!

While I'm here in TX, my main task is to purchase a car. It's been a little tough since everyone here is looking for the same car I am looking for (cheap, reliable, low miles, good gas milage), but I think we found the perfect one today! My mom and I went looking in Arlington at a few cars and nothing really "fit the bill" in one way or another. I came across this one that looked good online, but was a little ways outside of town, so we waited till last thing this afternoon to go out there. When we got there, we saw this cute car. ("Cute" - as I use it... and Blake defines it means - "I like it".) We took it out for a drive and decided it is just what I'm looking for... down to the color! So, here are the specs... Black 2006 Toyota Corolla S with low miles. It's like new on the inside and out! P.S. - the "S" means "sport". I'm not sure how sporty a Corolla can get, but the only difference I can see is the extra part below the car to make it look lower and the shiny finishings on the inside... and a little sportier steering wheel and gages. I was hoping it meant a super power motor, but no such luck there. It isn't ours yet, but tomorrow or Friday we hope to finalize everything so I can drive it off the lot! We've been praying for a car that fulfills our needs (and hopefully some of our desires), and it is a great feeling to actually get to see this car we've been praying for. Now, we just need to pray that the rest of this process comes through easily and quickly.
I'll keep you updated on the progress though!

Baylor Grad!

Congratulations to Amanda who graduated from Baylor this last weekend! We really enjoyed getting to spend your big day with you! Here are some photos I took from the day.

Blake, Sean and Justin pay close attention during graduation.... not. It was 3 straight hrs of Mario Kart DS for these guys. (Well, except for when Amanda walked across the stage.)

This was Blake and Sean's ride home back to Wylie. This was the only truck available and it happens to be the 24 footer... just a little overkill, but makes for a fun story.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mixed Feelings

Tomorrow morning I fly out on my way to Texas... I'll be there for a few weeks before heading out to California. I'm finishing up my packing... everything I'll need for the summer! It's a little strange not knowing if we will be coming back here at the end of all this. I don't know if I should say goodbye to our friends, apartment, and neighborhood or just... I'll see you again in 3 months.
Bo is on edge. I got out the suitcases yesterday to begin putting clothes in them. Any time he sees a suitcase, he knows something is going on. He will be coming with me tomorrow, so he shouldn't worry, but you can't tell a dog that, so I just ignore him. It has worked a little bit in calming him down. I'll wait till morning to tell him he gets to come with me.
All that said... I'll miss NYC and the people that make it. I know that even if we don't move back, we will be back to visit. Even though it won't be quite the same... it will be nice to see the city from another perspective.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

What to do when you can't serve your mom (on Mother's Day)

Today Whitney and I went to help out at a long term care facility in the Village with our Community Group. We took cabs up to the Baily House right after church with our group and got to work. Well, Whitney got to work and I went to find some Tylenol Sinus as to today was the day my allergies decided that it is Spring in the city, which is to say that they gave me as much trouble as a crazy business woman on a crowded subway carrying a live chicken from Canal Street to 86th and Lexington on a train that is destined to fail, and me with a dead iPod.
When I got back, jobs were being done and food was being made. As I am not much of a cooker, more of a watcher and smart answer giver, I helped with the cutting of vegetables. I should point out that the last time I was asked to do extensive cutting in a group setting was in Boy Scouts, for Pine Wood Derby's, and mine ended up pretty much like the block of wood it started out as, and my fingers all ended up in Band-aid brand adhesive bandages. I did successfully chop zucchini, jalapenos, and green onions for a salad that needed no cooking, with minimal poking of the fingers and surprisingly no blood.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the kitchen... Whitney and Kenny (one of the Pastors of our church) were building a cake for dessert. Whitney has never necessarily prided herself as an expert chef, but has always said she was better than me. Now, everyone knows that there are some ingredients you cannot leave out of a cake. Eggs, milk, flour and sugar. Those are the building blocks, even I know that one. Well, Whitney and Kenny add a bunch of ingredients in a bowl and mixed them in an industrial mixer, buttered and filled 2 cake pans and heated the oven. Kenny looked back at the counter at this point, and then looked and saw... an entire bag of unopened sugar. They had forgotten to add it! They poured the entire concoction into the big bowl again and hand kneaded the sugar into the dough. Then re-buttered and re-poured and then put the 2 cake pans into the oven. That was almost a disaster.
When the food was ready, we got it all together and served about 30 to 35 people our 6 days after Cinco de Mayo, Mexican Mother's Day Tex-Mex meal. It was good, and the people there really seemed to enjoy it, some of them even took seconds. I say took seconds, because they didn't eat them, they wrapped them up and took them back to their rooms. The day went really well, and it was something we enjoyed doing. Thanks to Becky for finding all the foods for us to make, and then direct us in the way of the preparation. You did great!
Notice the "nice" hair net. Stylish...
The beautiful finished cakes.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

what I see

This is the sight in the living room right now. It's a beautiful one,
right? The main thing I'm finding challenging right now is finding a
place to put the boxes once they are packed. These are now too high
for me to stack them any higher, and I am out of room everywhere
else. I guess Blake will have to help me find some new space
tomorrow. The good news... I've just about finished everything in the
kitchen. That has been the hardest part.
The other good news from today... we reserved an apartment for the
summer! What a relief! It has been tough to find a place that has
short term leases and accepts dogs... is close to Blake's work and
finally... is not too expensive. Yes, I know california is
expensive... but I'll never pay THAT much to rent a small 1 bedroom
for a month... Now granted, those expensive places are furnished and
our place isn't, but I'd rather buy a few basics and save some $$$ on
Tomorrow on the list... start packing clothes... sorting through and
figuring out what we will need for the next 3.5 months. On top of
figuring out WHAT we need is trying to figure out HOW MUCH we can cram
in to suitcases and onto a plane. Ahhh... I love moving...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

new stuff is happening... and it's crazy

So, here's the word... Blake and I are moving! Where, you ask? California! We have committed for the summer, but we don't know what is happening after that. I won't speak too much for Blake, but I'm feeling a huge range of emotions. I'm excited for the new experience, excited for Blake's new job (which I'm sure he will do a great job!), excited to meet new people, excited about the possibility of a guest bedroom where I can't wait to host our friends and family from all over the country, and I'm excited about the comforts of life that we will never again take for granted (dishwasher, laundry that is closer than 4 blocks and 3 flights of stairs away, space... space... and a little more space). I'm SO SAD to leave our friends here in NYC who have become more like family (but thankful that we live in a time of planes so that they can come see us... and we can come back and see them). I'm sad to leave this BEAUTIFUL city. I don't think there is another city like it in the world.
I never thought I would be this excited about getting a car! Especially since we are just getting an inexpensive one (read... cheap and reliable... and if I have anything to say about it... super cute). I've got to get used to driving again. I haven't done much of that in the last 3 years. We'll be getting a car in the next few weeks, so I'll be sure to keep you updated with what we end up with.
I'm feeling pretty stressed as well... I'll be leaving next wednesday (1 week away!) and won't be coming back (at least for a while). We're going for Amanda's graduation (Blake's sister), and then I'm just going to stay to get a car and hang out with my family for a couple of weeks. My mom and I will then drive... yes drive... to California. To tell the truth... I'm actually looking forward a good cross country road trip. I'm sure there will be some blogs along the way. Right now, I'm trying to get everything packed so that Blake doesn't have to do it all while he is working and I'm gone. He'll just have a few necessities to get through the next few weeks. Since everything is staying here in storage, I'm also trying to figure out everything we will need for the next 3 months. We can only take as much as we can carry on the plane though.
So, all that said, life around here is kind of upside down and a bit crazy right now. There you go... a nice long update with what's happening with the sawyers! Stay tuned to see how things end up going.