Wednesday, April 23, 2008

my 2 boys

Sometimes I just have to laugh at the 2 guys I live with. Blake is usually pretty good at playing jokes on me or surprising me without me ever having any clue something is going on, but it is a sad day when my dog can do that. Bo makes it a regular habit of getting what he wants. If you've been around when he wants something, you know that he barks and gives serious attitude until I start asking the normal questions to discover exactly what he wants. "Bo, do you want to go outside?" . . . "Do you want to go for a walk?" . . . "Do you want supper/breakfast?" . . . "Do you want a treat/chicken/bacon?" . . . In this specific story, he wanted supper. So, I got up and got him supper. He did the normal take one bite and walk away. I didn't think too much of it, but a little later Blake looked over and said... "Did you feed him again?" I said, "What do you mean again? I fed him, but he didn't eat it yet." Blake said, "I already fed him tonight. You let him pull that on you?" I think Bo realized at this point that we had figured out his game, so he went over and finished off the food, so I couldn't take it away. Sad, sad, sad... my dog has figured out a way to "work the system". Oh well, I usually struggle to get him to eat at all, so, if he wants to eat extra, I'm all for it. I guess I'm the true winner in this game.
On another note, we had a BEAUTIFUL day today. This afternoon we went down to the park for a picnic. We grabbed some Subway sandwiches and blanket and searched for the perfect spot. We found it, spread out the blanket, and sat down. We enjoyed our sandwiches while Bo watched the people and dogs as they passed by. What a beautiful day!
You remember on Mrs. Congeniality, the part where the girl was asked what her ideal date was? Well, my ideal date was today.... April 23. It wasn't too cold or hot (75 degrees), just a whisper of wind, nice sunny day, children playing in the background, flowers and trees blooming, and best of all... an amazing husband to share it all with. Ahhh... the perfect "date".

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