Friday, April 4, 2008

A fun mini trip with some old folks.

Blake and I wanted to get away from the city for a little relaxing. We've never been to Atlantic City, so we decided that it would be a fun getaway. We just got back this afternoon, but here are some pics from the trip. If you are hungry to see more, check out
Here are a few details from the trip... We took the Greyhound bus from NYC 2.5 hours and arrived at our hotel, the Trump Plaza. The bus tickets cost a whole $33 each (round trip, of course.) The great part is the "coupon" they gave to us when we arrived... $20 to cash out once we got a "Trump One" card. If you've never been there, you no longer use coins (which I was a little sad that I never got the chance to gamble and hear the cling, cling as my huge winnings came from the machine, yeah right.)
We both got our card and proceeded to the machine to redeem our voucher. I thought it was going to put the $20 on my new shiny card. Imagine my surprise when a $20 bill pops out of the machine. Wow! Now, my bus trip only cost $13! Crazy!
We got checked into the hotel and headed for our room. This is when we both started to feel a little naive about this whole Atlantic City thing. I had the room key and we tried to remember the directions the lady at the desk gave us on how to get to our room. It was something like, "Follow this hall around to the escalator. Take the escalator up to the elevator and to the 18th floor." We both thought, no problem. Well, we found the escalator, and was looking for the elevator when the security guard stopped us to ask us where we were going.
He just wanted to see our room key to know we were supposed to be there, so I showed it to him and he pointed us to this glass door. I pulled on the door, and it was locked. He said, "Put your room key in!" Apparently, after we showed it to him, we were supposed to put it in this slot to unlock the door. Why both? I don't know... union job, I guess. After I finally figured out how to get through the door, we came to the elevators. I pushed the up button and got in.... pressed 18... and the light wouldn't stay on. Luckily another security guard was headed up in the elevator as well, and he barked... "Put your room key in!" What? Yes... I had to use the room key again to get up to my room. Talk about security! We got settled in and decided to head back down to the casino to try our hand at gambling. It took a little time and 2 college grads who happen to work with technology daily to figure out how they work. All the while, little old ladies and men are gambling away... some with 2 machines at a time.
Blake started out at the 5¢ slot machines and immediately won $10! What? How does that happen? I told him that he should stop now while he is ahead, but that wouldn't have been any fun. He played there for a little bit and we found some 1¢ machines. This is just in my price range. I didn't really win and he eventually lost his winnings as well, but overall for the weekend, we were only down $15... We didn't even gamble all of the $40 greyhound gave us. I'm sure they love people like us there. Ha ha.
Later on that night, we heard that there was a free Blackjack tournament. We were SO in for that (even though neither of us really knows how to play.) They gave everyone $10,000 in chips and we had 12 hands to make as much as possible. Blake was out in a few hands, but I lasted to the 10th hand before losing all of my $$$, and that is just because I bet $5500 on the last hand. Needless to say, we didn't even get close to winning, but it was a lot of fun!
This is where we stayed...
Just a look down the beach from the mall...
Us on the beach... it was pretty cold!
The water fountain in the mall. It was really cool and did a water/light/music show every hour.
A video I took with my little camera...
A photograph of the boardwalk...
We went to a fondue restaurant! Yum!


  1. Looks like it was a fun trip!!! I enjoyed reading about it- now I'm more inspired for us to get going with our weekend getaway someday...

  2. We should all go on a trip together!!! it would be so much fun!!!