Monday, April 14, 2008

good hair & bad hair

I had a little adventure on Saturday.  I haven't had my hair cut in a while... try like 6 months.  I've been trying to grow it out some, and I knew if I got it cut, it would just get it cut short (like I always do).  Anyway, back to the story... I emailed a few friends to see if they had any suggestions on where I should go.  Two of them suggested this place close to our apartment.  The walk-in "wash and cut" is only $20.  Heck yes, I'm in!  Saturday morning, I walked down and got it cut.  I'll bet you think the next part of my story is that I have a bad haircut (like the lady in the photo above).  NOT TRUE!  I like it.  That isn't the fun part of the story.  The fun part is the conversation Blake and I had on our way home from church on Sunday.  The conversation went something like this.  
... breaking in on the interesting part...
Blake:  "You got your hair cut by who?"
Whitney: "Legend"
Blake: "Legend?  That is strange."
Whitney:  "Well, it isn't her real name.  It is just her haircutting name."
Blake: "Are you sure that is her haircutting name and not her stripper name?"
Whitney: (laughing) "I wouldn't know a stripper name if I heard one."
Blake:  "Neither would I... but did you tip her in SINGLES?"
Yeah, so that Blake is a funny kid and I'm glad that I get to be married to him and hear his silly jokes everyday... even the stripper ones.


  1. Ha! Love the picture! I thought your hair looked really great on Sunday, but didn't realize you got it cut! How fun! Glad it was a good experience. Hmm... maybe I should have a "fluting" name... hehe :)

  2. Just now reading...Blake and I are definitely on the same page! So funny. :)Mine is Butterfly!