Monday, March 17, 2008

the office = real life

This post is thanks to my mom... who invented this theory that I call everyday life.

Apparently Dwight and Jim are my roommates.  I know, I know, all this time, you thought I was living with my husband, Blake, and dog, Bo.  Well, really I do, but most days I feel like I live with Dwight and Jim.  Let's discuss the similarities...
Dwight and Bo...
  1. both take life EXTREMELY seriously.  When bo puts his mind to something, he's going to get it. It might be a toy, treat, whatever Blake is eating, to fight, to go outside, to go to bed, to get out of bed... you name it.
  2. both are gullible and will fall for anything.  One of Bo's favorite games is fetch.  This is the game where we throw his donkey or another random toy down the hall and he goes to get it.  We can fake throw it as many times as we want and he falls for it every time. 
  3. both are honorary security guards. (thank you wikipedia for that tid-bit.)  Bo exercises his guarding ability in several ways.  He is sure to let us know if anyone rings the buzzer to our apartment, walks by the door, is too loud in the hall, if Blake is walking up the stairs (before I can hear him), and if a pigeon lands on the air conditioner outside our window.  He also likes to "police" other dogs in the dog park and tell them when they are out of line.  He has chilled a little bit on this lately, but he still tries.
  4. both have strange bathroom habits.  Dwight's lives in a 9 bedroom house with 1 bathroom which is located UNDER the porch.  While we don't have nine bedrooms (we barely have 1)... we do live on the 4th floor of a walk-up apartment and bo's bathroom is located at the base of the steps. HA!
Jim and Blake...
  1. both have somewhat of a "dry" sense of humor.  Most of the time their jokes take a few minutes to hit you... and when they do... BAM, they are funny.  
  2. both make random comments and ask random questions of their boss (me) just to make fun of them (me).  Jim does this while making funny faces into the camera.  If we had a camera crew in our apartment, I'm sure Blake would take every opportunity to do this as well.
  3. both like to play jokes on others.  Jim lives to play jokes on Dwight any chance he gets.  Blake... you guessed it... lives to play jokes on poor Bo.  Don't get me wrong... Bo thrives on it as does Dwight.  It is what makes their relationships work.  Blake loves spending time hiding Bo's favorite toys so that Bo will all but kill himself trying to get them back.  He laughs when he has pretended to throw a toy and Bo runs around the apartment sniffing the air to try to find it.  
  4. both like to imitate their target.  This is a photo of Jim imitating Dwight...I don't have a photo of Blake imitating Bo... but if you may have noticed by past pictures of Bo... He has a little problem with his tongue hanging out because he is missing some teeth.  Blake likes to make his tongue hang out and make facial expressions like Bo does.  He also thinks it is funny to grab Bo's tongue when it is hanging out... I'll give it to him... it is fun.  I do it too.
  5. both are genuinely nice people.  Even though they are both funny and like to play jokes.  Both Blake and Jim really care about the people around them... Let's all say it together... awwwww....
There you go!  Those are the things I have come up with.  Anyone else have more?

PS... I just sent an email to Blake at work to warn him of this post.  He said while he was reading the post, he "internally laughed sarcastically" while looking at the isight (camera) on the computer he was sitting at.  Wow... one point proven.

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  1. Right On! Need I say more? p.s. I have seen a photo of Blake and Bo, both wearing green tshirts. Maybe Bo was actually imitating Blake, that doesn't prove your point.