Thursday, March 27, 2008

Check that off my list.

I have this mental list of things I want to see/do in NYC.  Tonight, I got to check one of those things off.  Anyone ever heard of Max Brenner's Chocolate by the Bald Man?  Well, it is down close to where we were for Tom's concert, so we stopped in there on our way home.  Now, many of you know that Blake and I have been trying to eat healthy lately, well, tonight we blew that.  We had chocolate covered everything.  I felt like I was visiting Willy Wonka in the Chocolate factory.  Well, except there were no uumpa-loompas (however you spell that), and no Everlasting Gobstopers, and well, no burping bubble room, or gold egg laying goose.  Ok, so it wasn't like Willy Wonka's at all except that everything there was centered around CHOCOLATE.  They have a spiral bound book full of deserts ranging from gourmet hot chocolate to fondue, to chocolate pizza.  You name it and they have a chocolate covered version of it.  There is no way I could have picked just one thing, and Blake agreed, so we ordered a sampler platter.  Check out these photos.  YUM!  It came with a "banana-split" waffle, a little dollop of chocolate covered ice-cream, peanut butter fudge bar, a beaker (yes, I said beaker) of melted chocolate syrup to pour over the waffle, a shot glass with a surprise... it was melted chocolate, white chocolate chunks, and... POP ROCKS!  WOW!  On a separate plate, was some fondue which included strawberries, bananas, and marshmallows with a blue flame to toast them, and a bowl of hot melted chocolate with a candle underneath.  So, you get the idea... chocolate, chocolate, chocolate... and some more chocolate.  We felt like kids!  So, now that it is checked off the NYC to-do list.  We shouldn't go back... TOO MUCH SUGAR!   If you haven't been there... go... it is a fun, fun place.

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