Tuesday, March 25, 2008

busy, busy!

Today was a busy busy day.  I had a lot of stuff to get done, but... it's done!  Bo even got to join in on the fun. I had a bunch of errands to run and he was itching to be outside.  Blake was sleeping after working all night, so I just decided to drag Bo along so he wouldn't bother Blake.  We walked down to pick up some headshots I had printed to be delivered next.  Then, we walked down to the subway and hopped on for a ride down to Grand Central.  How many dogs can say they have ridden on the subway?  Well, none, because dogs don't talk.  Bo charmed everyone he met and sat quietly on my lap.  We got there, handed off the photos to my clients who were headed out to an audition and headed back up to our hood.  We made a few stops along the way to get my watch fixed, went into Petco, and got some fruit/veggies from the vendor on the street.  By the time we made it home... he was TIRED. (mission accomplished!) He climbed up in HIS chair and went to sleep.  (Here's a photo of Bo in his chair.)
Next on my list of things to do was laundry.  I know... all you folks in the real world (aka - anywhere outside of NYC) think... "No big deal.  Everyone has to do it."  Well, here it is an all day task because I have to carry it down our stairs (we live on the 4th floor) and down 4 blocks.  Once I get it there, it isn't so bad to get a weeks worth of laundry done all at once, it is just the hauling part that stinks.  I got busy washing and jamming to my tunes on the iphone.  I got it all done, folded and loaded back in the bag and started the trek back home and carried it back up the stairs.  By this time, Blake was about ready to get up so he helped me put the clothes up and hang the ones that aren't safe in the machine.  What a great guy.  
Let's see... still on the list for tonight... Community group.  So, I showered up so that I was nice and clean (since I have all clean clothes now) and I didn't want to stink in front of my friends.  No time for dinner, so we stopped by Subway for a sub...  ate it quickly and finally walked down to our friends apt for the group.  Phew!
The "ice breaker" for the group tonight was... "How were you feeling before you came to Community Group tonight?"  I could only think of 1 answer... TIRED!  

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