Saturday, February 9, 2008


Blake and I went to a movie this morning... Not just any movie... We went to see U2 3D on the IMAX! I had more fun than you can imagine. Now, we got to see U2 live when we lived in phoenix, and that was one of my dreams come true. I know... Silly... But true. The movie was almost as cool as the actual concert, and with the 3D glasses, it rocked that much more. Bonus... Not only was it 3D, but, being imax, the screen was crazy big. Wow!
PS- if you live in NYC, go to the movies on fri, sat, or sun before 12. The regular movies are only $6 (instead of $12), and the IMAX is only $10 (instead of $16.)
Happy movie watching!


  1. Was it really worth seeing???

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    Having no idea who you are or your personal music choices, it would be hard for me to determine if this movie is appropriate for you. As you can see from the original post, I enjoyed it enough to write a blog about it. Thank you for your concern.