Thursday, February 28, 2008

Family Photo Project

My mom found this old family photo, and when I say old... I mean OLD... It was taken in 1899. My Great-Great Grandmother, is the baby in her mom's lap. We all called her Mammo Annie (pronounced Mammaw), and when I was little I remember going to her house and playing in her garden. How much fun! Anyway, I'm working on retouching the image to take out the tears and little white and brown dots. There are a lot more than you can see from this little photo. I'll post the complete image when I finish. The other 2 images are of the mom and dad from the first photo (that would make them my great-great-great grandparents). I retouched and colorized them a little while ago.


  1. wow check out those cloths that is awesome. I wish I had some old family photos like that!!!!


  2. Whitney, you are doing an awesome job on bringing these old photos back to life and making it possible for everyone in the family to have them! Thanks for caring and investing the time it takes to do all that you do for us!