Thursday, February 28, 2008

Family Photo Project

My mom found this old family photo, and when I say old... I mean OLD... It was taken in 1899. My Great-Great Grandmother, is the baby in her mom's lap. We all called her Mammo Annie (pronounced Mammaw), and when I was little I remember going to her house and playing in her garden. How much fun! Anyway, I'm working on retouching the image to take out the tears and little white and brown dots. There are a lot more than you can see from this little photo. I'll post the complete image when I finish. The other 2 images are of the mom and dad from the first photo (that would make them my great-great-great grandparents). I retouched and colorized them a little while ago.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Here's the crazy furry one that lives in our house... King of the
couch. No, I'm not talking about Blake... It's Bo of course! What a
crazy dog. (notice his tounge hanging out.)

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Blake and I went to a movie this morning... Not just any movie... We went to see U2 3D on the IMAX! I had more fun than you can imagine. Now, we got to see U2 live when we lived in phoenix, and that was one of my dreams come true. I know... Silly... But true. The movie was almost as cool as the actual concert, and with the 3D glasses, it rocked that much more. Bonus... Not only was it 3D, but, being imax, the screen was crazy big. Wow!
PS- if you live in NYC, go to the movies on fri, sat, or sun before 12. The regular movies are only $6 (instead of $12), and the IMAX is only $10 (instead of $16.)
Happy movie watching!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Daily Show fun

Today we had a little adventure. We went to see The Daily Show with
Jon Stewart.

We weren't allowed to have a camera inside, so I don't have any actual photos. I do, however have a few photos of my tv... (yes, I took photos of my tv in my living room, just so I can prove we were there.) Here are some of the photos.
See if you can spot us!

If you didn't succeed with finding us... Here's a little help.

Tom Brokaw was there to talk about his new book...

We had a lot of fun!
We got tickets to go see Good Morning America monday morning. Blake isn't such a fan of getting up early, but I think it is something we should do while we are here in NYC. I'm sure he would be more than happy if someone wanted to take his ticket, so if you do... email or call me and you can go with me! (Really, he will love you forever.) If you don't want to go, watch for us in the audience monday morning (we will be inside the studio... not outside.)