Thursday, November 22, 2007

a fun day of thanks

So, we stayed in NYC this year for Thanksgiving. Blake is working,
and the plane tickets were crazy expensive. It has been a nice day
though. I decided that there was no way I was even going to think of
cooking just for the 2 of us, and Blake worked all last night, so he
slept during the day today. So, I decided it would be best for us to
go out and eat after he got some sleep. We decided to go to ESPN zone
so Blake could watch the Cowboys beat the Jets. The food there is
pretty good and the atmosphere is relaxed. Blake had the Turkey
dinner and I had... Buffalo Chicken. If you know me... you aren't at
all surprised by that. It was fun! We stayed for the whole game and
surprisingly there were more Cowboy fans there than Jets... Well who
would like the Jets anyway, so I guess it isn't really all that
surprising. We sat in the screening room and watched the game on a
gigantic screen (see photo below).
I also thought this Bestbuy was interesting. We were just about to go
into the subway (see the 4,5,6?) and saw these nutty people. Who the
heck sits out side of a bestbuy all day and night for a cheap computer
or whatever? It isn't like they are free. You still have to pay for
them... By the way, this photo was taken at 3:15pm on Thanksgiving
day. The store doesn't open till tomorrow morning. Speaking of
craziness... if you look closely at the best buy photo, you will
notice that no one is wearing heavy coats. Remember... we are in
NYC. It is supposed to be cold and snowy. Today it was like 65
degrees. Now, earlier in the week, it was super cold, but today... it
was beautiful! Blake just wore a tshirt tonight and I just wore a
sweatshirt with my tshirt. Back in texas friends and family were
getting snow. Who knows....
The Charmin photo was taken in Times Square after leaving the ESPN
zone. They had it last year also. I'm determined to go in there this
year and photo document the whole experience... well, not all of it,
but just the interesting parts. I've heard that they have a bunch of
fancy toilet paper that you can choose from to use... gotta try
that... And just so you know, there was a line outside of it tonight
as well.
So, that's our day! A fun day in the city!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

time to blog

So, I haven't written here in a while, so I decided that I should... Not just a whole lot going on here. We are getting ready for the holiday season. Thanksgiving has just creeped up on me. I can't believe it is next week! We will be staying in NY this year, so I don't know that we will do just a whole lot. Blake will be working like crazy. I may go to Macy's parade... that might be fun. I'm really looking forward to putting up the Christmas tree. If you know me, you know how much I love Christmas. Even though our apartment is the size of a dorm room (350 sq. feet including the long hallway), I have a large, tall Christmas Tree. I'm not so sure that Blake loves that tree as it occupies his closet 11 months of the year, but he's a good sport about it. What a great guy.
We went to see the Grinch on Broadway last week. It was a blast... fun crazy costumes all over the stage. Gotta love me some Broadway. I recommend it to children or adults of all ages.
Ok, so there's the update for the 2 people who read my blog. Have fun times!